Symphony ASRS Module

Automate Your Warehouse and Grow Your Business

Symphony ASRS Module™ allows businesses to manage the warehouse with near 100% automation. Symphony ASRS Module™  greatly reduces manual labor and need for human intervention. Symphony ASRS Module™  allows businesses to set warehouse rules and standard operating procedures that will send the command to virtually any kind of ASRS hardware (i.e. Shelving systems, Conveyor systems, Carousels systems). With Symphony ASRS Module™ , businesses can hedge against ever increasing labor costs and achieve unparalleled automation and productivity.



Implementation of an automated warehouse may be costly and far between, but the benefits could be reaped in certain circumstances. Handling in specialized warehousing, such as hazardous materials (chemicals, toxics) ASRS (Automated Storage & Retrieval System) is often deployed in place of human labour, meeting governmental and environmental requirements.

In other circumstances where ASRS warehousing would be deployed often comes in a combination of the following:

  • Bulky and standard size items
  • Areas of scarce labour together with high labour cost
  • High inventory turnover
  • Dangerous and hazardous good
  • Repetitive tasks


Realize The Benefits of Automation

Symphony WMS-ONLINE™  when used together with the ASRS Module enables complete integration with ASRS machinery. Symphony WMS-ONLINE™ , when used together with the Wireless Module, offers higher throughput, real-time inputs, and increased picking accuracy in a paperless warehousing environment.

ASRS Module translates picking and putaway tasks into telegrams which the PLC of the ASRS understands and executes the picking & putaway tasks. When used together with the RF module on wireless handheld bar code scanners, WMS-ONLINE offers the automated warehouse a higher inventory throughput with paperless warehousing operations.

This solution will help achieve labour-saving efficiencies in repetitive tasks so that its personnel may concentrate on other value added tasks. In addition, real time updating of inventory and stock information are available immediately on the World Wide Web.


Benefits of Symphony WMS-ONLINE At-A-Glance

  • Full integration with ASRS machinery
  • Higher throughput
  • Eliminates errors
  • Real-time updating of inventory
  • Paperless warehousing operation