Symphony B2B Module

Symphony B2B™  is an EDI and Business Integration Solution that enables your business needs to integrate Symphony products to 3rd party software. Symphony B2B™  enables interfacing with external systems using Text Delimited File and connecting via FTP.

Symphony B2B™  is scalable and suited for all companies with all software and connects easily to virtually any trading partner and takes the complexity out of system integration.

Integrations can be as simple as uploading data via Microsoft Excel with specified templates (e.g. Edifact, Idoc) or as complex as high-performance business process modeling tools to give businesses the option of modeling their business-critical business processes.

Standard B2B messages between Symphony WMS & ERP:

• Purchase Order/ Advance Shipment Notice
• Goods Receipt
• Sales Order
• Delivery Confirmation
• Product Master
• Customer Master
• Inventory Balance/ Movement
• Finance AR & AP

System Architecture

  • Supports Remote independent EDI Server
  • Highly scalable by adding multiple B2B Engines on RAC setup
  • Unlimited Interface file templates
  • Unicode Multilingual Support – double-byte and UTF-8
  • Authorization access control at Template Level
  • Email Alert notification for successful and unsuccessful EDI Upload process
  • Auto creation of “Bad file” for rejected records
  • Support with or without  “Control File” setup