Core Values

The uniqueness of Boon Software Consulting can be found in our core values of People, Technology, Innovation, Prudence and Community. Deep investments, be it capital or non-tangible investments in these 5 pillars are what has kept Boon Software Consulting stay on course towards our mission.


Behind the success of Boon Software Consulting, is a strong team of extremely dedicated and highly capable software developers, system implementers and support staff. Boon Software employees are a relatively long staying group despite the high-attrition rate in the software industry. Many of these dedicated and loyal staff have stood alongside us over the years, through the good and bad times. Our team is the backbone of the company and we are very proud of each one of them. We try our best to support and develop the potential of every employee and give him or her a clear role and path to grow into.

Logistics Technology

The complexity of logistics in Asia and the challenges faced by logisticians is becoming evermore dynamic. Amid the advent of new opportunities such as eCommerce and perpetual rising costs, logistics businesses are finding it more and more challenging to grow. That is where logistics technologists, such as Boon Software Consulting, come into play. Bringing a combination of operations expertise, consulting experience and deep knowledge in various logistics software and hardware, we help manage and implement both systems and automation to manage their logistics operations and scale their businesses. Be it Warehouse Management System (WMS), Transport Management System (TMS), Mobility, Barcode, RFID, ASRS to achieve productivity and scalability in logistics operations, Boon Software Consulting develops and owns numerous technology patents and IP under Symphony Logistics SuiteTM. The logistics suite is widely used in 15 countries by logistics service providers, brand owners and manufacturers.  The mature and proven supply chain execution solution is real-time, web-based, cloud-ready and elegantly streamlines the logistics operations starting from receiving of order to delivery of goods.


Our Supply Chain is moving towards a technological singularity and the future is now knocking at our doors – be it CLOUD Computing, WMS, TMS, Mobility, Barcode, RFID, ASRS, Google Glass or even drones. Innovation, automation and technology are the undeniable drivers that will change our industry and completely redefine ‘Supply Chain’ as we know it today. As an innovative and technological company, we are always challenging the norms and pushing technology to the edge, thus releasing new and disruptive technological patents and products for applied use. Boon Software Consulting and Google are currently working on a revolutionary and disruptive project which aims at achieving a new level of Human Augmentation by applying GOOGLE GLASS in warehouse logistics operations. The project will achieve many “firsts” in Singapore. Many of our notable customers, including Charles & Keith and Yang Kee Logistics shared our excitement and have shown great interest in the project. Many of Boon Software Consulting’s IP and technology patents in logistics software and hardware research, will be incorporated in this project. The key technological driver of this project will be Symphony Sensory Directed Module™, which is one of seven add-on modules in Symphony WMS-Online™, that allows Human Augmented automation such as Voice-directed, Light-directed warehouse tasks for innovative solutions.


In the 21 years of business, Boon Software Consulting has been managed with sound and structured financial wisdom. For example, most of our regional business development expansions such as in Indonesia and Malaysia have been done organically. We are also tremendously blessed to own all three of our offices that we operate in. Investments in appreciating assets put the company in a sound financial position especially for a SME of our size. It is such financial wisdom that allowed us to ride through the economic peaks and troughs in the past 21 years. Boon Software Consulting started operations in a small rented office in Midpoint Orchard and was there from 1993-2001. In 2001, the Company purchased it’s first property E-Centre @ Redhill, which sits on the fringe of Singapore’s CDB. The Company then purchased another office unit Midview City in 2010, a light-industry business center situated in the middle of Singapore. In 2013, Boon Software invested and hedged for the regional expansion in Indonesia and purchased an office unit in Gallery West, our first overseas property in Jakarta Indonesia.


Boon Software Consulting has deep relations with the education community in Singapore. For over 13 years, tertiary intuitions in Singapore have partnered with Boon Software in the development of their Supply Chain and Logistics curriculum in hands-on approach to learning. The Company played an instrumental role in the tertiary education of Supply Chain and Logistics Studies and made an impact in the educational experiences of over hundreds of students over many years.

To date, Boon Software Consulting has donated in access of $2 million dollars worth of Symphony Logistics Suite licenses and services to tertiary institutions in Singapore Polytechnic (1999-present), Republic Polytechnic (2008-present) and Institute of Technical Education (2000-present) for hands-on curriculum and education purposes. These institutions engage their students in “real-life” logistics operations via Symphony Logistics Suite Warehouse Management Systems and work in groups to solve these operational problems to achieve their business objective. Our team has recently organized a field trip for 40 Singapore Polytechnic students and staff to visit our customer Charles & Keith warehouse to connect and crystalize learning outcomes experienced in the classroom. Boon Software Consulting’s Symphony Academy is also in discussion with SP to provide workforce-upgrading training for a Logistics Training Center to issue certificates for fresh graduate and adult learners attainment of competency on Symphony for greater career advancement and employability opportunities.

Boon Software Consulting has also been a corporate partner of Care Community Services Society (CCSS) for many years. Among all the other services, the Singaporean VWO serves the community through an elderly care center that organizes meaningful activities to keep the elderly active and to empower them with a renewed sense of purpose. These centers can become a channel of support for the needs of other elderly in the community. In our calendar of celebration for our 21st anniversary, Boon Software Consulting recently hosted 30 elderly beneficiaries from the Circuit Rd Center to the Flower Dome and Forest Cloud at Gardens By the Bay wherein we had planned a few fun events for them.