Asian Robotics Week 2015

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Singapore, 12-13 November 2015

Symphony is proud to participate in Republic Polytechnic’s Tech Fest 2015 with our partner, Hope Technik, for the fifth time this year.

At Asian Robotics Week 2015, we saw a huge and intensely curious crowd, eager to participate in the event, engage and find out more about upcoming Robotics in the market. This event was an eye-opener for both exhibitors and visitors

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is able to contribute to advanced technology by integrating with Artificial Intelligence Architecture to give smart instructions to execute warehouse processes. This can inherently reduce work injuries and deploy operators to more productive work in the warehouse.

With Hope Technik’s Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV), the vehicle comes to you while you work. This is a complete solution to help warehouses manage their operations and transportation within the warehouse.

To explore WMS or AGVs in your warehouse, contact us at now!

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