Business Analytics & Dashboards

We understand that the fundamental objective of any system is to improve the process efficiency and accuracy of inventory for the company’s supply chain and distribution. While that is the broad objective, we must be able to breakdown the supply chain into segmented processes and put a KPI on each transaction.

Symphony Dashboards & KPIs allows you to set and measure various KPIs in the warehouse and distribution process. Dashboards are available to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your warehouse operations and show delivery fulfillment and verification status for successful or unsuccessful deliveries in an intuitive way.

Intuitive, detailed and interactive for managers to have visibility and measure of operational efficiency.

Symphony has 100+ reports for your supply chain reporting needs. It allows the organisation to keep track of the productivity, demand trend and inventory movement status in the supply chain.

Graphical reports captures rates and transactions for trend and demand planning analysis. With real-time inventory snapshot and point-in-time inventory status report to reduce cost of good and service.

Symphony Report Engine allows users to schedule reports to be emailed to enclosed email addresses for managerial, department, customer and other stakeholders reporting.

Check out our Symphony WMS-Online™.