SPN Membership

Supply Chain Professional – Member

SPN Business Membership is a community of supply chain professionals who wants to be part of and invest capabilities and knowledge in the Symphony practice in their own personal capacity.


Student Ambassador Membership

Membership extends to tertiary students especially in schools where Symphony is used as curriculum. Student Ambassadors represents Symphony in the campus and advocates good supply chain learning and practices to their peers and lecturers.


Member Benefits

  • Access to SPN resources & learning materials
  • Registration for Symphony training & certification
  • Registration for SPN seminars, conferences & workshop


Why be a Member?

  • Gain deep expertise and knowledge in WMS and other essential supply chain logistics systems
  • Regional employment opportunities among the SPN community, among Symphony corporate-users and partners
  • Be updated on the latest supply chain technology news & trends
  • Connect, collaborate and be part of a cutting-edge supply chain technology community