Symphony Mobility Module

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Symphony Mobility™ Module is a Tablet Android application that allows the delivery man to obtain electronic signature for electronic proof-of-delivery. Symphony Mobility™ Module gives field operators the accurate real-time information of the delivery status and fulfillment for them to close the job and increase sales revenue for the business with shorten sales cycle. This also eliminates labour intensive data entry for productivity gain.



Why Mobility?

Extending beyond the physical warehouse boundaries, using of mobile devices, companies are able to track their orders in real-time. Proof of delivery can also be tracked online via electronic acknowledgement on acceptance of delivery, and invoice can thus be issued immediately without delay.

Sales personnel on the street are able to access inventory information pertaining to the quantity available on hand before committing on any sale. All information is seamlessly linked to Symphony WMS-Online for an integrated total solution.


Benefits of Symphony Mobility™

  • Improve cash-flow with immediate billing
  • Reduction od labour-intensive data entry
  • Increased efficiency, throughput and eliminated errors
  • Track & trace of orders beyond physical warehouse
  • Real-time proof of delivery reduces invoice cycles
  • Real-time status on inventory information


Retail Outlets Order Entry

Symphony Mobility allows retail outlets to create orders via Tablet devices for the warehouse to perform delivery fulfillment. The information will also be checked against inventory on-hand, in-transit, reserved, re-order lead time, to generate a Purchase Request to supplier via Symphony Purchasing Module.

Order entry templates based can be provided should the quantity and items of inventory to be replenished be consistent.


Benefits of Symphony Mobility™

  • Reduction of cost of goods sold, increase in profit margin
  • More capital for marketing, instead of holding stocks / inventory
  • Implement Just-In-Time supply chain
  • Total visibility of order fulfillment success rate
  • Set & measurement of KPIs and Ranking of top selling products/ outlet