Order Management System

Symphony OMS-Online™ makes its debut as the visionary Order Management System in the Symphony Logistics Suite™. The fundamental of OMS-Online™ is to monitor all the incoming jobs and to generate the appropriate billing upon job completion. It elegantly synchronizes sub-contracting jobs with an appropriate billing.

In discarding conventional entry forms in favour of a single point of contact for all order entries, one order can be dynamically routed to relevant logistics suite components in TMS-Online™, VMS-Online™WMS-Online™, FMS-Online™ and CMS-Online™ harmonising inbound and outbound flow and to eliminate any duplication.


OMS Online Highlights

  • Job Order Creation
  • Job Order Entry
  • Job Order Plannning
  • Job Order Tracking
  • Billing Processing
  • Invoicing
  • Integration to Symphony WMS and TMS
  • Integration to ERP

Seamless Integration

The process first begins with an incoming order, either through manual entry or automatically synchronized through our B2B ModuleTM.

Order Planning & Resource Management

These orders are then created and the approved orders then pass through our Operation & Job Planning Module. Here, together with the Resource Management Module, it automatically updates all available resources and assigns resources to the various orders using the plan derived by the OMS from the Operation & Job Planning module. After the completion of the orders, the billing and invoicing is then taken care of automatically.

Track & Trace 

Real-time and point-in-time track & trace of job execution with an output of reports and dashboards for internal or clients’ reporting. Job order track & trace status includes. Job Completed, Unfulfilled, Delayed, Cancelled and Re-assignment.

GPS location tracking allows users to have total visibility over the job order and over visibility of inventory and fulfillment.


Invoice & Billing 

Flexible generation of reports and invoices with active customisation to needs, places OMS-Online at the centre stage with its inspired composition. Having multiple invoices for multiple contracts, consolidated reports, standard and ad-hoc billing, OMS-Online synthesises the mix of information to astound with a unified work of rich expressiveness.

OMS-Online’s capabilities are augmented by an integrated billing module, abstracting real transactions into consolidated invoices for customer billing. Mapping of customer codes and GL charge codes have been developed for easy collaboration with leading ERP systems and accounting packages. OMS-Online -The productive flexibility to surpass.