French Media Company Implements Symphony & Conveyors Belts

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Bangkok, November 2012
Boon Software is proud to transform MPO Asia Co Ltd, a French leading manufacturer of optical media such as Blue-Ray Discs, DVDs and CDs for films like Avatar and Final Destination 4. This project is jointly undertaken with leading industry association, Supply Chain Asia to provide management consulting services in addition to Symphony WMS Implementation.

MPO Asia is a wholly owned subsidiary of MPO International having global presence in Europe, USA and Asia. The company has been established in Asia since 1994. MPO also has an ISO 9001:2000 certified factory in Thailand providing high quality products and services.

MPO’s downstream supply chain includes warehousing and distribution. As the supply chain gets more and more complex, it became imperative that MPO chose to leverage on cutting edge technology to enhance their logistics. MPO has chosen to implement Symphony Warehouse Management System to manage the growing complexity in operations. The system will include 20 RF Barcode Scanners to fully automate the Receiving, Put-Away, Picking, Shipment and Cross-Dock activities in the warehouse. Robust system directed Picking and Put-Away strategies are also leveraged to optimize the operations to increase throughput and reduce time and labor wastage’s.

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