Thailand: Symphony in Conveyor Belt Action with French Media Company

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Thailand, January 2014
Increasingly across the world, people are enjoying media entertainment from Blue-Ray, DVD and CDs from leading content owners such as HBO, ESPN and music records companies. MPO Asia is a major optical media-manufacturing player and has produced films like Avatar and Final Destination 4.

MPO made bold innovations by tailoring the Symphony Logistics Suite to meet its particular needs. To do so it teamed with Boon Software and Schaeffer, a logistics automation hardware company with expertise in the manufacturing industries. Boon Software implemented Symphony WMS-Online to direct and interface with Schaeffer material handing automation conveyor belt system. MPO uses Symphony WMS-Online to control and direct activities such as picking, put-away, inventory control and cycle counting.

MPO has generated notable improvements in the automation of picking, put-away, shipping, receiving and inventory accuracy. The company has combined Boon Software’s robust, manufacturing-specific functionality and system adaptability with Schaffer material handling automation conveyor belt to meet changing customer demands and achieve low total cost of ownership.

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