Republic Polytechnic to Use Symphony in Classrooms

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Singapore, March 2008
Further to the MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) signed in 2004 where Boon Software Consulting Pte Ltd donated their WMS-Online (Warehouse Management System) software to Republic Polytechnic, Boon Software has once again agreed to donate their TMS-Online (Transport Management System) and OMS-Online (Order Management System) software to Republic Polytechnic.

Boon Software’s Transport Management System solutions, TMS-Online, brings innovation and class-leading planning technologies to the fore, with batch generation of shipment orders, directed routing to lower cost routes and reduced resource utilization. In a mature logistics supply chain, where transport costs are being realized as the last bastion of cost savings, TMS-Online scales a new height of performance and efficiency. The Order Management System solution, OMS-Online is the visionary order management layer in the Symphony Logistics Suite from Boon Software. The fundamental of OMS-Online is to monitor all the incoming jobs and to generate the appropriate billing upon job completion. It elegantly synchronizes sub-contracting jobs with an appropriate billing by discarding conventional entry forms in favor of a single point of contact for all order entries, which can be dynamically routed to relevant logistics suite components in WMS-Online & TMS-Online, harmonizing inbound and outbound flow and to eliminate any duplication.

Both the TMS-Online and OMS-Online software will be used in their Diploma in Supply Chain Management course.

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