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Jakarta, January 2012
Hacaca Central Logistics is a third-party logistics provider that provides its clients with a variety of supply chain and logistics related services, including solutions for transportation management, space optimization, distribution centre, cross-docking, export-packing and fleet management. In Jakarta, Hacaca Logistics and DB Schneider jointly manage more than fifteen thousand square meters of warehouse space.

The company also manages a private fleet of 100 trucks for regional delivery and trailer/tractors for long-haul service. The delivery of goods is key to their business and is one of their primary services. As such, Hacaca Logistics continually optimizes their operations to reduce transit times and lower freight costs. Their customers include major retailers, manufacturers and shippers across a variety of industries that rely on Hacaca Logistics as a primary logistics solution provider.

In order to provide advance logistics solutions to meet the demanding requirements of its diverse customer base, the company recognized that it needed to a robust, highly advanced supply chain execution technology solution.

After evaluating several vendors, Hacaca Logistics selected Boon Software to implement Oracle E-Business Suite, Symphony Transport Management System and Symphony Fleet Management System to provide the supply chain execution solutions it needed to optimize both transport management, fleet management and warehouse shipment operations at key facilities.

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