Singapore Fashion Logistics Hub

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Singapore, October 2010
Addicon Logistics Management, a successful Singaporean logistics provider is planning to develop a Fashion Logistics Hub in Singapore. According to Mr. Benjamin Koh, CEO of Addicon, Singaporean fashion retailers can stand to save 30-40% of logistics cost should they choose to tap on Addicon’s established network that covers over 100 countries and all the major ports and cities. The Fashion Logistics Hub, which is a joint project with enterprise development agency Spring Singapore and JTC Corp is set to cost Addicon $15 million to $20 million and expected to be up and running within two years (Straits Times, 2010).

Mr. Koh has ambitious plans to take the firm further. He expects turnover to reach $20 million in 2010 (back to roughly pre-crisis levels) and to hit $30 million in 2011. The overarching aim is to get revenues to $100 million in five years’ time. Despite the stiff competition in the logistics market, Mr. Koh remains confident. He explains that, “We are flexible to modify our services to fit our customers needs – that is the advantage of being a small and medium-sized enterprise” (Straits Times, 2010).

Addicon Logistics Management has been partnering with Boon Software to technologically empower their warehouse and distribution operations since 2007. Boon Software is proud to partner Addicon each step of the way, as they grow their business to global prominence in setting up the Fashion Logistic Hub.

As Asia’s premier logistics software provider, Boon Software is able to be robust and dynamic to meet Asia’s ever-changing market. Boon Software’s Symphony Logistics Suite manages some of the most highly regulated and complex distribution environments in the world. We are happy to share the joy of our customers’ success and honoured to play a small part in Addicon’s rise to global prominence.

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