Experience is everything

In retail, the shopper’s experience is everything. Converting browsing to buying and customers to brand advocates makes all the difference and it is you, the retailer, who ultimately influences the purchase path. Creating loyal customers becomes easier with any of our Symphony OMS-OnlineTM, DMS-OnlineTM and MobilityTM products. You’ll be able to optimize your entire retail process from the placement of an order right up to doorstep delivery, to ensure a smooth journey for your customers and providing the best possible experience. Billing on delivery accelerates the invoicing process, helping to improve your company’s cash flows.

Good data is your best friend

Our web-based Symphony Logistics SuiteTM accumulates vital data from all your retail operations, be it online orders, over-the-counter sales or delivery, to provide you with real-time status updates, anywhere and anytime. You’ll be able to know who’s receiving or delivering which item(s) or even where and when the items were delivery or ordered and never again will you have to worry about shortages, or incurring excessive storage costs with Symphony.

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