RFID Drone

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Manage with RFID

In the past, companies used barcode system to track their inventory and update their supply chain management system. However, this system was rather slow and required human intervention. Especially when dealing with large number of goods, the whole process of the supply chain will be delayed.

Reduce human error

RFID minimizes one of the biggest bottlenecks of supply chain management – human intervention. Human tends to make mistakes and drop in efficiency after long working hour, this puts all members in the supply chain in a danger. However,by adopting RFID, automation can be done and only few workers need to be present to monitor the function of the scanner.

Multiple scanning

RFID system is able to scan multiple goods at the same time. It can identify more than 1000 goods per second, as compared to the barcode system where only one item can be scanned at a time, it can go up to 25X faster than the barcode system.

Scan from a distance

RFID system does not require the item to be directly “seen” by the reader which means the scanning process can be done in a distance. This makes the reader more portable and more importantly it also makes the whole system set up more flexible with different company’s size and environment.

Two-way communication

Company can input additional information along the process, such as the conditions and locations of the goods; this allows the company and its partner to have better control over the goods.

Current implementation of RFID in the supply chain / warehouse management


  • RFID drone
  • Installation of RFID scanner at the entrance and exit of the warehouse
  • Human scanning with RFID scanner
  • Forklift equipped with RFID scanner and RFID tags distributed evenly in the warehouse to direct location
  • Smart Rack – Each shelf implemented with a RFID scanner and one master shelf for every few shelves

Implementing RFID Drone

The implementation of drone with RFID technology can largely increase the efficiency of all processes of supply chain activities. It can direct a forklift to the targeted location to put down the pallets, it also can do the accounting for goods 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
As compare to barcode scanning operation out of reach of a human, drone can be 100 times faster and 100 times more energy efficient than using a reach truck to lift a 0.8kg barcode scanner held by an 80kg human in a 100kg man-cage up to each item to scan it. It is definitely true that an 800g drone carrying an 80g RFID scanner can do the same thing.

Even comparing with other RFID implementations, drone may still be a better choice. All business operations need to consider the cost benefit ratio before company actual implement it. This links to the point when comparing Drone with smart rack. Even though both implementations can fulfill all processes that supply chain management requires, smart rack is way more expensive in term of set up and initial cost. In addition, it seems like combine Forklift and Entrance & Exit solution can provide companies with a perfect solution, but there is still a problem of locating all goods in the warehouse since forklift has the limitation of altitude.

It is believed that drone will be the next hit for supply chain industry and it will provide an extraordinary experience to both the existing and future logistic firms with the benefit of full scale functionality, affordable price and easy implementation.