Symphony RFID Module

Symphony RFID™ solutions provides businesses the ability to automate the data capture of all in-coming and outgoing warehouse processes seamlessly and prevent costly operational mistakes. Symphony RFID™ Module improves accuracy with more vigorous and real-time checks on your inventory management, improves throughput with faster data capture in your Symphony WMS.

The Module allows warehouse operators to capture information in both passive and active RFID tags. Data can be captured via a RFID gantry with color-blinkers or via a RFID handheld device (“magic-wand”).



Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology harnessed for warehouse management opens up the possibilities for organisations to achieve short-term objectives of compliance labelling and significant productivity gains at reduced overall costs in the long-term.

RFID in asset tracking and automating warehouse workflows can realize return-on-investment (ROI) in the short-run with the scalability to build-on future capabilities.


RFID Focus Areas For Warehouse Management:

  • Compliance Labelling
  • Asset Tracking
  • Automating Processes


RFID Solution for Symphony WMS-Online™

RFID Solution for Symphony WMS-Online™ is a complete solution built on Symphony Logistics Suite™’s extensible architecture and combines Oracle’s Sensor Edge Server Middleware, integration with a variety of RFID hardware components and browser-based applications for WMS-Online and handheld clients. Flexibility in architecture, allows suppliers to meet the terms of compliance labelling in the short-term and the freedom to align RFID technology with business processes to maximize productivity.

RFID can be used in goods inbound by automating the receiving process with handhelds or mobile RFID interrogator gantries in unloading areas. Goods can be scanned at case, pallet and item level, and immediately captured in WMS-Online. Handhelds or RFID-enabled forklifts can access assigned storage locations and automatically confirm putaway through RFID readers verifying both location and goods RFID tags.

For the shipping of goods, RFID readers can be used to pick goods, by alerting the user when the correct location has been reached. Barcode scanning can be also be used in situations where RFID tags cannot be read or complementing RFID to verify the correct goods by lot, serial number or expiry date. At shipping areas, RFID interrogators and sorting systems can be used together to sort, send goods for packing, kitting or direct to delivery.

Inventory cycle counting is another area where RFID technology can deliver productivity improvements. For specified products such as luxury items stored in separate locations from the main inventory, RFID readers can be used to collect and filter all the RFID tag data, send the information to WMS-Online™ to update inventory information, with no stoppages or productivity losses.


Benefits of Symphony RFID™ Module At-A-Glance:

  • Reduced asset loss and inventory errors
  • Reduced labour requirements
  • Improved asset tracking and visibility
  • Improve operations responsiveness
  • Improved overall accuracy


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