Smart Glass


Wearable Technology

Wearable technology appears to be posing as the next hit in the supply chain industry. Smart glasses offer rich features such as mobile, hands-free picking in addition to a potentially low cost of ownership-benefits that warehouse manager covet. 

With companies like Vuzix, who were able to enter market and offer an industrial grade smart glasses solution. Boon Software were quick to ride on the technology and developed the Symphony Smart Glasses Module which offers real-time object recognition, barcode reading, indoor navigation, and seamless integration of information was interfaced directly to the Symphony warehouse management system (WMS).

As a result, the integration of this augmented reality (AR) application will lead to a simplified and improved user experience including increased worker speed, reduction of errors and improved flexibility of core processes by offering a hands-free working experience.

Benefits of smart glasses in warehouse

Mobile solution

Wearable technology is fully mobile can be used without recharging for a long period of time, covering an entire shift of operation.

Rich graphical user interface

Full colour, high-resolution displays provide a visually equivalent image to a smartphone display. Displays can also show rich information with the need for carrying a handheld device.

Voice-controlled processing

With built-in speakers, microphone, and voice recognition engine, smart glasses capture and execute voice commands.

Benefits of smart glasses in warehouse

Global positioning

A built-in GPS system aids with operator navigation and positioning within the warehouse.

Gesture controls

A gesture recognition engine within the smart glasses can recognize certain hand movement, which can serve as commands to the system.

Hands-free processing

The entire system is located in the smart glasses, and it does not require hands to operate.The entire system is located in the smart glasses, and it does not require hands to operate.