Innovation & Software R & D


The complexity of logistics in Asia and the challenges faced by logisticians is becoming evermore dynamic. Amid the advent of new opportunities such as ecommerce and perpetual rising costs, logistics businesses are finding it more and more challenging to grow. Our Supply Chain is moving towards a technological singularity and the future is now knocking at our doors – Be it CLOUD Computing, WMS, TMS, Mobility, Barcode, RFID, ASRS, Google Glass or even drones… innovation, automation and technology are the undeniable drivers that will change our industry and completely redefine ‘Supply Chain’ as we know it today.

As an innovative and technological company, we are always challenging the norms and pushing technology to the edge, thus releasing new and disruptive technological patents and products for applied use. Boon Software Consulting and Google is working on a revolutionary and disruptive project that. The aim of the project is to achieve a new level of Human Augmentation by applying GOOGLE GLASS in warehouse logistics operations.

The project will achieve many ‘FIRST’ in Singapore. Many of our notable customers, including Charles & Keith and Yang Kee Logistics shared our excitement and have shown great interests. Many of Boon Software Consulting’s IP and technology patents in logistics software and hardware research, will be incorporated in this project. The key technological driver of this project will be Symphony Sensory Directed Module™, which is one of seven add-on modules in Symphony WMS-Online™, that allows Human Augmented automation such as Voice-directed, Light-directed warehouse tasks for innovative solutions.

Google Glass R & D

Boon Software strives to always be on the front-end of the technology curve to hedge and give our clients the best and most cutting-edge technology. In 2015, Boon Software embarks on R&D with Google to enable Google Glass wearable technology in a warehouse environment. Google Glass will enable human augmentation, hands-free scanning, audio and screen text enablement for the warehouse operator. Boon Software’s client CWT has agreed to conduct a proof-of-concept for this latest module.

Software Development

Our team of highly skilled and certified professionals that has spent millions of dollars working on new innovations and R&D for Symphony Logistics Suite. The team also has the capability to support turnkey software development or extend the functionalities of Symphony.

We have developed formalized programming standards to ensure a structured and consistent approach to software development. This ensures that new developments have a common look and feel with the main Symphony Suites of products, and that all development staff can readily support them.