Customer Service Support

Regional ASEAN Customer Service Team

Boon Software runs a Mature  Support  Center  running  over  20 years  in  Singapore  and  Jakarta  to  provide  post‐implementation  support  servics.

  • Our team has rich  experience  in  Singapore  and ASEAN localization,  especially  on   statutory  requirements.
  • Our team is dedicated to provide services to regional companies in ASEAN and the Asia Pacific region
  • We are cooperating with over 150+ regional and multi-national companies to do a roll-out in ASEAN and the Asia Pacific region; most of them are in shared instances and under template control
  • We have tri-lingual consultants team familiar with both global roll-out methodology and local challenges in ASEAN


Symphony Support Centre comprises in-house operations experts, who provide invaluable resources and additional help with our customers’ operational decisions throughout the implementation process and beyond.

We support the day-to-day operations of our 100+ logistics customers. All the users of Symphony Logistics Suite have highly mission-critical operations that require high-performing technologies and high-proximity maintenance and support.

A Great Sense of Responsibility

Symphony Support Centre is a strong team of extremely dedicated and highly capable software developers, system implementers and support staff. The team caters to every support request from our customers with a great sense of responsibility.

It is with such a weight of responsibility, that we have been able to foster trust in our relationships with our clients over the years.