Symphony Technology Partners

Google Glass R&D Partner

Boon Software is a R&D partner with Google and IDA to enable Google Glass wearable technology in a warehouse environment. Google Glass will enable human augmentation, hands-free scanning, audio and screen text enablement for the warehouse operator.

Amazon Web Services Partner

Boon Software is a Certified Partner of AWS Partner Network. Symphony CLOUD is built on AWS technology for it’s elasticity, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, reliability, security and is trusted by big companies and public sector agencies alike. Most importantly, as an AWS Certified Partner, Boon Software has access to high level of support service that will be translated back to our customer service for our clients.

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Oracle Certified Gold Partner

Boon Software Consulting is an Oracle Gold partner for database technology. Symphony is built upon Oracle for it’s best-in-class database and Maximum availability architecture. This translate to improved customer service levels with Oracle Global 24/7 support.

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