Symphony TMS – Feature List

Multi Distribution Modes

  • Container trucking, loose cargo and bulk distribution
  • Import / Export shipment of LCL and FCL


Resource Management

  • Status visibility of containers, trailers to ISO tankers
  • Management of vehicle fuel
  • Managing of drivers’ and their documents such as insurance, licenses, pass etc


Shipment Consolidation

  • Generate shipment batch by consolidating orders
  • Consolidate orders based on same location, route, zip code and zone for resource efficiency
  • Route optimization heuristics based on shipment batch


Event Management

  • Configurable user alerts for system events
  • Events includes
    • Vehicle maintenance schedule
    • Container/driver/trailer/vehicle pass expiry
    • Vessel arrival/departure date expiry

Track & Trace

  • Real-time fleet execution monitoring
  • Order, Container, Container Job and Trailer tracking
  • Shipment Batch Tracking
  • Proof of Delivery

Fleet Execution Monitoring

  • Dynamic Ghant Chart visibility interface
  • Real-time fleet visibility interface for driver, vehicle, and trailer assignments to shipment job
  • Ability to re-optimize resources in the middle of job execution
  • Real time job status update by driver through WAP/MDT interface

Shipment Planning & Optimization

  • Auto & assisted routing and loading assignment
  • Sophisticated algorithm to optimize transport routing
  • Strategic capacity planning of loads based on various metrics & transport mode to maximize resources
  • Department level management of shipment orders
  • Supports point to point, distribution & consolidation delivery
  • Dynamic Ghant Chart Interface


  • Full integration with other Symphony Logistics Suite™ products
  • Supports Delimited/Fixed Length Flat File
  • Integration with GPS interface to track remote vehicle and last known location of trailer
  • Integration with Mobile Data Terminal in vehicles to allow notification of new jobs and updating of job status

Driver Payment

  • Integrated driver payment module
  • Auto calculation and extraction based on pre-defined setup
  • Payment setup by trip task, zone, vehicle type, container type, hour, public holidays, etc
  • Driver payment record tracking
  • Complex detailed driver incentive rates setup

Business Benefits

100% Web-Browser Based

  • Network neutral
  • Deploy via Intranet or Internet (LAN or WAN)

Fast Regional Deployment

  • Regional deployment done with a simple configuration

Real-Time Reporting

  • Reports on a regional perspective
  • Prints in PDF & HTML format

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Internal benchmarking
  • Measurement of Service Levels



Regional Visibility Online

  • Real-time charts of transportation fleet activity
  • Graphical tracking of shipment order status

Operation Effectiveness & Efficiency

  • Reduce unnecessary trips or distance travelled through routing optimization & resources planning
  • Better on-time job delivery
  • Better management of resources

Reduced Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)

  • Server Costs – Central Server architecture
  • Maintenance Costs – Single maintenance site
  • Network Costs – Internet architecture
  • Training Costs – User friendly interface