Symphony TMS-Online

Symphony TMS-Online™ is a transportation planning and execution software that caters to and manages all your distribution operations. It integrates seamlessly with Symphony WMS-Online™ through Symphony OMS-Online™ for orders, load planning, assignment, execution, billing/ payments and KPI reporting.

Symphony TMS-Online:

  • Dynamic management of resources
  • Directed transport route optimization
  • Real-time transport movement track and trace
  • Integrated driver communication system
  • Event Management Module

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OMS and TMS-Online™ Overview

The process starts off in the OMS, where orders are first processed. Once these orders have been processed and planned for, the orders will then be transmitted to the TMS, which then takes over the bulk of the administrative work.

Billing & Invoicing

This includes billing your customers, generation of invoices of payment to drivers, actual payment to drivers and payment to subcontractors (if any). Our TMS will automatically generate invoices, credit and debit notes to your customers based on your OMS and TMS, allowing you to automate the entire administrative process from start to end.







Track & Trace

Naturally, all information and data in the TMS and OMS is stored, allowing you to track and trace job order status i.e. Completed, Unfulfilled, Delayed, Cancelled. In addition any reports/ documents for real-time and point-in-time job status reports as needed by you or your customers.

Job / Resource Planning 

In terms of operations and job planning, our TMS-Online™ will automatically plan and assign jobs to the available resources utilizing its Resource Management Module, which works to give availability of all your transport resources, mainly your drivers and vehicles.

Load Assignment Optimization

Our TMS-Online™ maintains the m3 size of your products as well as the m3 size of your vehicles. A load assignment task will be generated by route, job and vehicle with instructions to load the cargo into the vehicles in sequence e.g. first destination load last with optimization of vehicle m3 space.

TMS-Online™ Summary

  1. Best-of-breed logistics functionality designed to focus on transport system.
  2. Manage and optimize transport resources.
  3. Scale of performance and efficiency.
  4. Real–time order tracking and trace report.
  5. Intelligent planning for transport processes.
  6. Single web interface.
  7. Integrated billing module, sub-contractor module, and payment module with OMS-Online™.
  8. Integrated loose container distribution with WMS-Online™.

Find out more in our Full Feature List

The interplay of transport movement with to-the-minute progress updates, vehicle GPS synchronisation and integrated driver communication comprises a brilliant winning score. Solo, TMS-Online™ orchestrates critical transport processes with intelligent planning, adding value to each transport run. TMS-Online™ with integration to the Symphony Logistics Suite, combining the collective talents of OMS-Online™, VMS-Online™, WMS-Online™, FMS-Online™ and CMS-Online™ can be harnessed through a single web interface to enlarge the scale and complexity of your business logistics, evoking an aria of balance.