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Symphony Logistics Suite™ is a suite of logistics execution systems developed and owned by Boon Software. Symphony supports Barcode, RFID, ASRS and can be seamlessly integrated to ERPs and accounting packages. Symphony is used by many 3PL providers and brand owners, proven in several Industries Verticals, such as Retail, FMCG, Haulage, ISO Tank Depot, Automotive, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Fashion and Electronics. With ever-increasing high operation costs and growing customer demands, Symphony Logistics Suite™ is what you need to solve your logistics challenges.

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Symphony WMS™ is the flagship product of Boon Software, and the Company has invested millions of dollars on the R&D of the product. Over the past 20+ years, the product has undergone 4 major platform upgrades.

Boon Software has a competent and dedicated R&D team comprising of solution architects, software developers and systems engineers who continually releases new versions of the system and incorporate the best features in the industry into Symphony.

Boon Software will continue to invest in R&D to make Symphony WMS™ Asia’s premier logistics system written in Asia for Asian logistics business.

Symphony WMS™ allows you to:

  • Reduce cost of service and goods
  • Increase accuracy in your inventory
  • Track & Trace goods with technology i.e. Barcode, RFID, Smart Glass
  • Manage a Just-In-Time supply chain to reduce holding stock
  • Increase revenue and boost cash-flow billing cycle with Android Tablet enabled e-proof-of-delivery
  • Reduce errors and labor-intensive data entry with interface with ERP and other systems
  • Set and measure KPIs in various part of your supply chain process with 100+ real-time reports & dashboards

Other advance features commonly used in a 3PL environment including cross docking, Bill-Of-Materials, Kitting, Repacking and many more are also available.

Symphony WMS



Take Control of Your Inventory and Grow Your Business

Symphony manages every transaction in the warehouse from Advance Shipment Notices to receipt of shipment, put-away by rule-based algorithms and picking by wave, batch, order, and route. Cross-dock, kitting, packing and sorting are also features available in Symphony. KPIs can be set and measured to identify and improve productivity.

Symphony WMS Online

Add-On Modules (Optional)

In addition, businesses can choose from different existing WMS™ Add-on Modules to enhance their Symphony WMS™ experience and harness the full extent of the technology.

  • Symphony B2B™ Module – Symphony B2B™ is an EDI and Business Integration Solution that provides everything your business needs to integrate Symphony products to 3rd party software. Symphony B2B™ is scalable and suited for all companies with all software.

  • Symphony Billing™Module – Symphony Billing™ Solutions provides businesses the ability to track orders and invoice customers based on customer specific contract pricing.

  • Symphony ASRS™ Module – Symphony ASRS™ Module allows businesses to manage the warehouse with near 100% automation.

  • Symphony RF Barcode™ Module – Symphony RF Barcode™ solutions provides businesses the ability to perform paper-less transaction in your operation.

  • Symphony RFID™ Module – Symphony RFID™ solutions provides businesses the ability to automate the data capture of all in-coming and outgoing warehouse processes seamlessly and prevent costly operational mistakes.

  • Symphony Sensory Directed™ Module – Symphony Sensory Directed™ Module allows human augmented automation such as Voice-directed, Light directed warehouse tasks for innovative solutions.

  • Symphony Mobility™ Module – Symphony Mobility™ Module is a Tablet Android enable app that performs electronic proof-of-delivery mobility application that allows field operators to obtain electronic signature for immediate billing, check real-time inventory status and create sales order.

Circle WMS



Symphony CLOUDTM

Boon Software has released Symphony WMS-CLOUD™ for mass technology adoption in the logistics industry to allow SMEs and MNCs alike to adopt technology to achieve productivity.

Businesses have the flexibility to choose the traditional model of on-premise software with client/server and self-maintained infrastructure or shifting to Cloud-Computing to cut unnecessary IT infrastructure expenditures.





 Advantages of Symphony WMS™ At-A-Glance

  • Central server architecture
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Fast deployment of regional sites
  • Maintain a standard set of processes across warehouses
  • Key Performance Indicators to track individual warehouses or as a group
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Integrated billing system
  • 100% web browser based.
  • Deployable via Intranet or Internet (LAN or WAN)
  • Dashboards & 100+ standard reports available

Learn more about our reports, business analytics and dashboards here.

Smartglass Epson BT-300

Symphony Smart Glass Module

Wearable technology appears to be posing as the next hit in the supply chain industry. Smart glasses offer rich features such as mobile, hands-free picking in addition to a potentially low cost of ownership-benefits that warehouse manager covet.

Symphony Smart Glass Module, which offers real-time object recognition, barcode reading, indoor navigation, and seamless integration of information was interfaced directly to the Symphony warehouse management system (WMS) was developed by Boon Software during the early years of adoption and is continually enhancing with features as of today.

Utilizing the Moverio BT-300, it features Epson’s cutting-edge silicon-based OLED (organic light emitting diode) digital display technology. As a result, the integration of this augmented reality (AR) application will lead to a simplified and improved user experience including increased worker speed, reduction of errors and improved flexibility of core processes by offering a hands-free working experience.

Symphony Smart Glass Module allows the operations to perform receiving of goods, putaway of the goods to storage location, picking of the goods for the order and performing stock count in a hands-free environment with augmented reality environment.

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Learn more about the rich features of Symphony WMS™ and see how it will provide your business with an edge over others.

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