Symphony WMS Feature List

Symphony WMS-Online™ manages every activity within the four walls of your warehouse operations. The system directs warehouse operators to track advance shipment notices to receive shipments and put the cargo away to specific system directed storage location.


Take Control of Your Inventory and Grow Your Business

WMS-Online™ triggers picking instructions to the operators when there is a shipment order and enables the loading of shipment into the delivery vehicle for dispatch.

Advance features frequently utilized by 3PLs such as cross docking, Bill-Of-Materials, Kitting and Repacking are also available. Symphony WMS-Online™ has real-time operational dashboards and over 100 standard reports, which will be sufficient for virtually all warehouse operational and KPI reporting needs.

• Comprehensive features for 3PL and Brand-Owner operations support, including multi-warehouse implementation in a single installation of Symphony
• Configurable business processes at warehouse and inventory owner level, etc.
• Multi-languages and time zone support based on user profile
• Support various scalability and high-availability implementation model, leveraging on Oracle Technology
• Optional field support to allow tracking of additional inventory attributes, such as Manufactured Date, Country of Origin, Currency Code, Product Grade or Specification, etc
• Ability to produce historical inventory report by product, lot number and even down to individual location level
• Graphical and intuitive tools such as warehouse 3D view and color coding for easy KPI tracking
• Track & trace by order status, inventory lot / serial number, location, etc.
• Rule-based put-away and picking strategy, supported at warehouse, inventory owner, product group level


Symphony CLOUD or Enterprise Edition

Businesses can choose between Symphony CLOUD™ or the Enterprise Edition, depending on the needs and requirements of the business. You also have the flexibility to choose to be on the Cloud to cut unnecessary IT infrastructure expenditures, or remain on the traditional model of on-premise software with client/server and self-maintained infrastructure.

PRODUCTS SUMMARYSymphony WMS-Online (Enterprise Edition)Symphony Cloud (NEW!)
System Administration
Advance Shipment Notice (ASN)
Shipment Order
Delivery Order
Proof of Delivery (POD)
Dashboard & Reports
Receiving Reports
Put-away Reports
Delivery Order Report
Warehouse Management Reports
Key Performance Indicator Reports
Dangerous Product Reports
Dangerous Chemical Reports
Warehouse Transaction
Stock Count
Ownership Transfer
Pallet Consolidation
Symphony Add-on Modules
Symphony B2B Module
Symphony Billing Module
Symphony RF Barcode Module
Symphony RFID Module
Symphony ASRS Module
Symphony Sensory Directed Module
Symphony Mobility Module