Working at Boon Software

At Boon Software Consulting, we desire to bring out the best in you. We create job opportunities that are challenging to help you to be creative, learn, expand, and grow to make an impact in the industry. We are looking for innovative individuals that not only excel in their field of experience and training, but also in communicating and working as a team.



People is the first Core Value of Boon Software Consulting. We are a pro-family employer and do implement various pro-family HR policies. We favor and support values held to promote traditional family life and regularly organize company bonding events and Family Day outings to celebrate these values as an organization.


Talent Development Programme

Grab the chance to gain valuable mentorship opportunities and gain experience through job attachment opportunities both locally and overseas. We are committed to develop the next generation of logistics and ICT leaders.

Are you a high performing and passionate fresh graduate? If you are, we want you on our team. Boon Software Consulting offers a range of prestigious programmes to develop young talents. You can choose which programme is suitable for you, we offer The ASEAN Symphony Management Trainee Programme (ASMT), BSC Scholarships and the Enhanced Learning in Infocomm Technology (ELITe).  We welcome all high performing fresh graduates from the Polytechnics and Universities to join our programmes.

ASEAN Symphony Management Trainee Programme (ASMT)

Our Symphony ASEAN Management Trainee Programme is a structured training programme aimed at high achievers just starting out in their career. You will get the opportunity to be exposed to interesting projects and challenges that will harness your leadership and competency.

The objective of the programme is to nurture the next generation of leaders in the ICT and Supply Chain industry. Read more. 

BSC Scholarships

Boon Software Consulting believes in investing in your future. We offer outstanding ‘A’ level and diploma holders a wealth of valuable further education opportunities and exciting career opportunities.

Pursue infocomm at renowned local and/or overseas universities and grab the chance to gain valuable mentorship opportunities and gain experience through job attachment opportunities both locally and overseas. Read more. 


Enhanced Learning in Infocomm Technology (ELITe)

The Enhanced Learning in Infocomm Technology (ELITe) is an IDA led talent development programme that aims to develop “industry-ready” infocomm graduates. A core group of university undergraduates and polytechnic students will be given opportunities to acquire practical exposure through industry attachments, mentorship, projects and skills development through certifications.

This programme is a Nation-wide initiative by IDA to develop and nurture the next generation leaders of the ICT sector. Read more.

Career Opportunities

Boon Software Consulting is expanding and we are constantly looking out for talents. If you are high-perfoming and passionate, we are looking for you.

Explore current openings in our Careers Page.