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Optimising logistics for the world

With over 200 Symphony sites operating all over the world, BOON is committed to its vision of optimising logistics for the world.

BOON and its team of experts host an in-house R&D team, monitor industry trends and maintain constant dialogues with clients, the infocomm trade sectors and other industry partners to actively explore logistics technology innovation and expand the Symphony portfolio of services to meet the evolving demands of modern consumers in the logistics and supply chain industry.

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The force of BOON, the force of goodness.

BOON remains true to its core – developing logistics technology solutions to meet the bespoke needs of business owners who are committed to delivering products to their clients in the most efficient, productive, sustainable way possible.

Configurable, people-centric solutions

The logistics industry never sleeps and an international logistics workforce rely on the Symphony Logistics Suite™ to deliver the results on time, as accurately and timely as possible. We work towards zero-downtime so logistics operations runs smoothly even after hours. We recognise this as BOON’s simple but priceless contribution in promoting work-life balance.

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Debt-free for over 25 years

BOON has been working diligently with our partners and practice good corporate citizenship by ensuring that the organisation maintains a sound financial status and the readiness to accommodate any and all necessary financial obligations at all times. As a result, it has remained debt-free for more than 25 years and operates in a corporate structure with a culture of integrity.

Award-winning logistics software technology

Over the years, BOON, its flagship product, Symphony and members of its Management team has been recognised in the industry. With numerous accolades for its consistent performance in optimising our clients’ logistics operations and supply chain management, BOON continues to play an active role in driving growth in the InfoComm Technology industry and the promotion of community welfare.

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Partner of the biggest trusted technology providers

The Symphony Logistics Suite™ runs in active collaboration with some of the world’s biggest technology partners and accessories. Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Amazon, Seeburger, Odoo, Zebra are just some of the industry leaders that Symphony collaborates with to deliver results and effectively optimise the logistics and supply chain operations of many brand owners,  manufacturers, third-party logistics players, distributors and transport providers globally.

Industry Experts

The Symphony Logistics Suite is used by countless multi-nationals and small to medium enterprises from a wide range of industries. BOON’s team is composed of logistics and supply chain management experts with proven track records in creating bespoke solutions for many industrial and consumer products that run its logistics operations using the Symphony systems.

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100% project completion

As a logistics technology industry pioneer, BOON is a trusted service provider and has built its credibility with 100% installation and rollout of the Symphony infrastructures commissioned through BOON.

Consistently high client retention

With the proven quality standard, scalability and engaged customer support service, Symphony is integrated with the daily logistics operations of clients and it is used for many years. BOON recognises success as the client’s business grows.

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BOON has cultivated a progressive working environment that values the most important resource, its people. Find out what it is like working at Symphony.

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Symphony is the intelligent, performance-driven logistics technology system. Find out why Symphony is our client’s engaged growth partner.

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