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Optimising the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Supply Chain with FMCG WMS

The FMCG supply chain face emerging consumer trends such as eCommerce, omnichannel, and cut-throat price competition. Symphony FMCG WMS solution provides the FMCG warehouse a consumer and sales-focused warehouse solution that serves as the central nervous system for the whole supply chain to provide a complete product traceability and control.

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Warehouse Packaging

Warehouse Packaging Standards

Warehouse Packaging Standards and well-defined packing process, your WMS can suggest the number of materials needed for each packing operations and what goes into each parcel to achieve great efficiency for warehouse operations.

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3PL Logistics

3 Challenges Impacting 3PL Logistics in 2022

To overcome these challenges, 3PL Logistics must partner with a professional logistics and supply chain technology vendor to adopt the appropriate workflow and 3PL Warehouse Management System affordably, keep one step ahead of the competition, expand your logistics warehouse business, and boost your bottom line.

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