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Boon Software Consulting Receives Total Defence Awards 2023

We are thrilled to annouce that Boon Software Consulting has been honored with the Total Defence Awards (TDA) 2023 in recognition of our dedicated contributions to National Service (NS) and Total Defence (TD). The TDA was presented by Senior Minister of State for Defence, Mr Zaqy Mohamad, and Permanent Secretary (Defence).

Boon Software proudly partners with the Ministry of Defence of Singapore/SAF for the implementation of the Work-Study Diploma for Supply Supervisors. In collaboration with Insitutes of Higher Learning, this initiative empowers selected servicemen to undergo training and certification in Logistics and Supply Chain Management while fulfilling their NS obligations.

Enlisted servicemen are eligible to apply for this groundbreaking scheme, enabling them to pursue higher education while leveraging their work and experience gained in serving National Service. Boon Software has contributed to this initiative by donating our innovative software, Symphony Logistics Suite to IHLs. This ensures that students receive hands-on experience, enhancing their practical knowledge in logistics and supply chain management.

We firmly believe that empowering future leaders with a strong foundation in logistics will significantly contribute to the success of this impactful initiative. We eagerly anticipate witnessing positive outcomes and remain committed to supporting education and professional development in our community.

Our gratitude extends to our government, industry, and educational partners for their invaluable support throughout this meaningful journey.

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