Symphony innovates Corteva’s warehouse operations and support local farmers in Asia.

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Symphony innovates Corteva’s warehouse operations and support local farmers in Asia.

Corteva Agriscience™ is the combination of DuPont Pioneers, DuPont Corp Protection and Dow AgroSciences and is the only major agriscience company dedicated to agriculture today. Corteva aims to ensure that its local agriculture infrastructures are enriching not just the lives of its global consumers but also the individuals and families of those who produce it.

The Challenge

As part of its global enterprise, it operates in multi agrifarms in Asia where it grows a variety of seeds and other raw materials across different harvesting seasons. Corteva needed to have a system that would empower its local producers with the accurately monitoring of its agricultural calendar, the inventory of each agricultural product they grow and efficiently manage all its other supply chain processes without error, wastage and delays. It also wanted to automate the roster of producers working in their agricultural sites throughout the year.

The Solutions

The Symphony WMS™ automated Corteva’s inventory tracking and monitoring, provided accurate information on products through the barcode module, and yielded high-turn over rate in at least 20 warehouses in the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. This effectively optimised its human resource and raw material utilisation resulting in a  60% improvement on its throughput and efficiency.


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