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Social distancing measures and the closures of public spaces fast-tracked eCommerce not only in the B2C but the B2B sector as well. The new shopper habit of making online purchase is expected to be the new normal and the eCommerce industry is exploding exponentially. New technologies: augmented reality, drones, advanced robotics, and smart glasses for hands-free pick, pack, ship, are now deployed to meet the surge of consumer demands. Companies that fail to keep up with logistics trends risk losing competitive advantage and falling out of favour with consumers.

Digital transformation is not happening
fast enough.

B2C Influence in B2B

The self-service, detailed product information, quick turn-around and last-mile delivery services enjoyed by B2C shoppers may not yet be the norm but is the shopper expectation, regardless of B2B its purchase volume. However, as these are corporate purchases, the standard office trail on quotation submission, order creations and purchase approvals and potential integration with inventory and logistics systems will need to be in place.

Alternative eCommerce Payment Modes

Lapses in the supply chain system over delivery time, inventory count, erroneous billings and others can easily direct customers to another merchant.

Supply Chain Costs and Disruptors

Many brand owners and retailers are experiencing delivery delays and have acknowledged that poor decision-making has led to more expensive 3PL expenses. New regulatory practices, multi-modal shipping of goods and the demand for last-mile deliveries are compounding costs.

Big Data & Predictive Analytics

With new, longer and earlier shopping seasons, unprecedented weather conditions and disrupted economies, brand owners and retailers without a warehouse management system, or has one but is not integrating it with other facilities is missing the right information. They are a disadvantage to identify retail opportunities and make products available for anticipated demands.

Up total customer satisfaction with every
purchase they make.

Symphony WMSTM allows the integration of all warehouse operations, creating a seamless environment from the time an order is placed until the customer receives the item. This system allows the creation of an internal network that delivers accuracy and efficiency. With Add-on Modules including Symphony BillingTM, Symphony ASRSTM and Symphony RFIDTM, the hassles associated with manual data input are eliminated.

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Symphony gives you the right data you need when you need it. The Symphony WMSTM accurately captures real-time data on receiving, put-away, transfer and picking to help improve response time, support planning and strategic decision-making on inventory changes and processes in your warehouse.

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Human and machine-readable identification (Barcoding and RFID) and confirmation processes are the keys to speed up and meet time-sensitive orders. The Symphony Multi-Modal SolutionsTM range from RFIDTM, Barcode systemTM, Voice PickingTM, Smart GlassTM and MeasurementTM technologies that allow for accurate, faster execution of warehouse activities.

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Minimise human errors, optimise delivery routes by providing controllers and drivers with open lines of communication and reassigning drive jobs to cover deliveries to the last-mile. The Symphony MobilityTM App provides real-time, direct communication between drivers and controllers throughout the delivery journey and enables operators to respond to on-ground changes real-time.

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Recommended Symphony Products

Transportation Management

The Symphony Transportation Management System™ ensures seamless supply chain management throughout the planning, execution and measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in shipment and trailer operation.

Order Management

Symphony Order Management System™ streamlines the order fulfilment process across an omnichannel supply chain.

Symphony Mobility™

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