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As the healthcare supply chain remains as one of the most highly regulated and monitored sectors, the integration of AI to wearables, robotics to EHR analytics, tele and virtual health checks to advanced DNA and genomics, even 3D printing — is changing the way healthcare is applied and experienced by people. The rapid, unprecedented developments in the healthcare industry require consolidated data, inventory tracking and deliveries in the fastest and most accurate way possible.

Product integrity should never be compromised at any stage of operations.

Protecting Product Integrity

Safety, potency and integrity of healthcare products are of paramount importance. These must be guaranteed in every step of the process from the purchase of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, storing and delivery to the end consumers.

Complex Industry Protocols and Regulatory Environment

Procurement of quality raw materials, storage safety, overnight shipping, hidden costs, local and international government regulations, fuel costs and currency fluctuations are all dynamic. Securing accurate data, tracking, responding to on-ground and online changes and monitoring success quality deliveries are prerequisites for business sustainability.

Inaccurate Charge Capture

Revenue leakage remains a key loss contributor for many enterprises. Many orders and service fees are under-coded, not accurately captured or totally missed.

Reducing Hospital Congestion

The sheer volume and sophistication of medical supplies and equipment are not always easily managed in hospitals and medical facilities. Clinical shipping, storage and inventory management are becoming a standard requirement.

Logistics and supply chain solutions is key partner for today’s healthcare and science industry.

Accuracy of records is a fundamental industry principle. With man and machine-readable identification codes using the Symphony WMSTM, data captured is consistently error-free and reliable.

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The influx of medical information online has made consumers all over the world more demanding from the healthcare system today. Healthcare and life sciences companies are challenged now, more than ever, to deliver more personalised, effective and affordable medical solutions available for all. Our Symphony Logistics SuiteTM can help store data, improve inventory management, reduce unnecessary storage and holding costs. By improving productivity and efficiency, while lowering costs in your operations, Symphony Logistics SuiteTM can help maximise the productivity and efficiency of your operations.

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Provide healthcare professions with real-time patient information accessible anytime, anywhere with Symphony MobilityTM. Accurate client data and focused emergency medical responses save lives.

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Mitigate revenue losses by shifting your entire order fulfilment and accounting process online with the Symphony OMSTM. Automate the billing process, eliminate the manual and faulty flow of data across departments and make tracking of charges paperless and easy.

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Recommended Symphony Products

Transportation Management

The Symphony Transportation Management System™ ensures seamless supply chain management throughout the planning, execution and measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in shipment and trailer operation.

Freight Management

Symphony Freight Management System™ helps shippers streamline supply chain operations and simplify the shipping process all nodes of air, land, and sea, for export and import operations.

Vehicle Workshop Management

The Symphony Vehicle Management System™ enables fleet operators to monitor, report, document and automate vehicle transactions.

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