Holland Bakery optimises supply chain with Symphony Logistics Solutions.

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Holland Bakery optimises supply chain with Symphony Logistics Solutions.

Holland Bakery is Indonesia’s leading bakery chain with 22 branches (central kitchens) that manage more than 400 outlets. It receives consumable and non-consumable raw materials from its various suppliers and delivers freshly baked products to all its outlets nationwide. Holland Bakery’s mandate is to ensure food quality and safety, timely deliveries and restocking of supplies to meet the expectations of loyal customers who pop by their stores every day.

The Challenge

Symphony is the choice logistics technology that enables Holland Bakery to deliver its freshly baked goods at the frontend and backend of its operations. At the warehouse, the Symphony WMS is configured to ensure that Holland Bakery’s raw materials maintain its superior quality, stays sufficient and replenished timely and accurately. It runs warehouse capacity management, tracking of consumable raw materials inventory, product distribution across multi-clients, and inventory quality control management. In store, it serves as the platform to track expiry dates, control bread quantity and accurate, timely product delivery in all outlets.

The Solutions

With the integration of Symphony WMS into Holland Bakery’s ERP system via API, it automated its supply chain, warehousing and distribution process. Order taking and inventory management have been streamlined, resulting into accurate data generation and timely replenishment or orders. Production forecast planning has also become more manageable with data-driven insights. These improvements have raised the productivity and efficiency levels of Holland Bakery, cutting wastage and poor charge captures, value-adding to its franchise partner satisfaction and meeting customer’s cravings for freshly baked quality good every day.


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