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MOU with ITE College East: Investing and Inspiring Tomorrow’s Workforce

Boon Software signed an MOU with ITE College East on October 2021, committing to partner and invest in the expansion of the college’s Logistics Technology Hub. The Hub is expected to quadruple it’s floor space to train future logistics professionals under the Skills Framework for Logistics for warehouse automation.

Symphony technologies are invested into the Hub. Technologies in the Hub includes hands-free wearables, automated sorted systems, autonomous robots (drones), Internet of Things (IoT), Collaborative robots and data analytics.

Singapore is a prime location for major logistics firms, with 20 of the top 25 global logistics players conducting operations here. The World Bank ranked Singapore as the No. 5 Logistics Hub in Asia in the 2016 Logistics Performance Index.

This partnership and the deployment of these equipment and technologies in the LTH Hub aims to deepen the learning of innovation in supply chain productivity, efficiency and mobility our future workforce to solve real world problem through inter-disciplinary approaches and activities.

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