Optimizing Distribution Process with Symphony: A Case Study of DIMA, an FMCG Distribution Company in Indonesia

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Optimizing Distribution Process with Symphony: A Case Study of DIMA, an FMCG Distribution Company in Indonesia

DIMA is a distribution company for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) in Indonesia that competes fiercely for customers. The success of the business depends on its capacity to properly and effectively manage and distribute its goods. DIMA made the decision to use Symphony Distribution Management System (DMS), to improve their distribution procedure.

The Challenge

DIMA encountered a number of difficulties during the distribution process, including an inability to see the status of its shipments, trouble controlling its delivery schedule, and a lack of visibility into its inventory. Prior to the introduction of Symphony DMS, DIMA’s distribution method was fraught with difficulties. The inability to see its inventory was one of the biggest problems. The corporation frequently had stockouts and overstocking because of its difficulty tracking the movement of its items. Moreover, DIMA had trouble keeping track of the status of its shipments and controlling its delivery schedule.

The Solutions

Symphony, which offered several features to optimize DIMA’s distribution process, was implemented to address these problems. These features included real-time inventory visibility, a scheduling tool for managing delivery schedules, a tracking tool for keeping track of shipments, and a forecasting tool for predicting future demand and allocating inventory accordingly. 

DIMA implemented Symphony DMS to address these problems. The solution included a number of capabilities that assisted DIMA in streamlining its distribution system. The solution provided the business with real-time inventory visibility, allowing them to follow the progress of their products from the warehouse to the final consumer. Symphony additionally gave DIMA access to a scheduling tool that helped them effectively manage their delivery schedules. In order to guarantee that the products were delivered on time, the system automatically designated delivery routes based on the delivery location.

The software produced reports that gave the company’s managers insights into their sales and distribution data, allowing them to make wise business choices.


With the implementation of Symphony, DIMA saw a considerable improvement in their distribution process, including streamlined inventory management, improved inventory planning, and optimized delivery routes.

Symphony DMS was the practical answer for DIMA’s distribution management requirements, leading to improved client satisfaction and raised revenue.

DIMA’s distribution procedure significantly improved after Symphony DMS was put into place. In-addition, business Integration to DIMA’s financial system Oracle EBS accelerated the digitization process for the company.


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