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Today’s retail industry is in the tipping point of transformation. The recent shutdown of the traditional brick and mortars in view of the coronavirus pandemic drove many shoppers globally to explore new shopping patterns and either switch or combine online and offline in their purchase habits. Retailers are pressured to match the lifestyle of today’s tech-savvy consumers with an omnichannel retail experience. The logistics and supply chain management in the retail sector is a critical enabler for brand owners and retailers to shift the industry into an offline-to-online (O2O) seamless retail offer.

The industry is not yet ready to meet
consumer expectations.

Supply Chain Costs and Disruptors

Many brand owners and retailers are experiencing delivery delays and have acknowledged that poor decision-making has led to more expensive 3PL expenses. New regulatory practices, multi-modal shipping of goods and the demand for last-mile deliveries are compounding costs.

Manpower Shortage

The growth of eCommerce pulled the volume of end-consumers into the logistics ecosystem. This has resulted in the need for a more robust warehousing and supply chain backend and huge gap for drivers. With a globally ageing population and many Boomers in the logistics industry about to enter retirement, the industry is expecting a manpower shortfall.

Big Data & Predictive Analytics

With new, longer and earlier shopping seasons, unprecedented weather conditions and disrupted economies, brand owners and retailers without a warehouse management system, or has one but is not integrating it with other facilities is missing the right information to identify retail opportunities and make products available for anticipated demands.

Technology Integration

Speed, accuracy and visibility of all inventory, collection and delivery status are now a basic to effectively run retail logistics. This means manual tracking, people-led put-aways and picking practices, offline delivery routing and standard 2-week product delivery are now obsolete.

Up total customer satisfaction in every
orchestrated shopper experience.

In retail, the shopper’s experience is everything. Converting browsing to buying and customers to brand advocates becomes easier with Symphony OMSTM, DMSTM and MobilityTM products. The entire retail process from the placement of an order right up to last-mile doorstep delivery is now possible to optimise, in one integrated platform.

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Symphony gives you the right data you need when you need it. The Symphony WMSTM accurately captures real-time data on receiving, put-away, transfer and picking to help improve response time, support planning and strategic decision-making on inventory changes and processes in your warehouse.

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Human and machine-readable identification (Barcoding and RFID) and confirmation processes are the keys to speed up and meet time-sensitive orders. The Symphony Multi-Modal SolutionsTM range from RFIDTM, Barcode systemTM, Voice PickingTM, Smart GlassTM and MeasurementTM technologies allows for accurate, faster execution of warehouse activities.

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Minimise human errors, optimise delivery routes by providing controllers and drivers with open lines of communication and reassigning drive jobs. The Symphony MobilityTM App provides real-time, direct communication between drivers and controllers throughout the delivery journey and enables operators to respond to on-ground changes real-time.

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Recommended Symphony Products

Warehouse Management

Automate your inventory processes with real-time accuracy whenever, wherever your warehouse facility maybe.

Transportation Management

The Symphony Transportation Management System™ ensures seamless supply chain management throughout the planning, execution and measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in shipment and trailer operation.

Order Management

Symphony Order Management System™ streamlines the order fulfilment process across an omnichannel supply chain.

Freight Management

Symphony Freight Management System™ helps shippers streamline supply chain operations and simplify the shipping process all nodes of air, land, and sea, for export and import operations.

Vehicle Workshop Management

The Symphony Vehicle Management System™ enables fleet operators to monitor, report, document and automate vehicle transactions.

Distribution Management

The Symphony Distribution Management System™ controls the down-stream supply chain for distributors and tracks the planning, execution and reporting for promotions.

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