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Optimise logistics with Symphony FMSTM.

Symphony Freight Management System helps shippers streamline supply chain operations and simplify the shipping process of all modes of air, land, and sea, for export and import operations. It offers a user-friendly interface that uses decision automation technology to manage freight movement on air and sea.

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Optimise your supply chain and simplify the shipping process.

Multi-Modal Freight Management

The Symphony FMS manages air, sea, land and domestic freight operations. It supports all the operations of freight forwarding from orders management, planning, tracking and tracing, carrier rates and information, and port coordination, from door to door supporting all incoterm arrangements to agent coordination.

Billing & Payment Solutions

This is the total management of billings and payments for freight operations. The Symphony FMS handles import, export, courier, and dispatch operations on a single platform and generate automatic calculation of rates for e-invoices.

Auto Report Generation

The Symphony FMS is flexible and system-directed to recommend and generate automatic exceptions reports. Customisable reports, visible KPIs and dashboards are also accessible. This provides businesses with the controls in recording, data gathering and analytics for continuous improvement and execution discipline.


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  • New/Edit Payment Management of vehicle fuel
  • Generate Payment Advice

Other features for Symphony FMS

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Symphony FMS™ optimises
your business.

Data Transparency and Real-Time Accessibility

Increased Productivity

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Trust

Symphony FMS™ is an integrated solution.

Freight Management

Container Yard Management

Manage your entire container and port terminal operations on cloud. The Symphony CMS™ seamlessly integrates gate management, inventory management, container survey and repair activities under one system.

Electronic Data Interchange

The Symphony Business Integration EDI™ is the implementation of the global standards in Electronic Data Interchange that has shifted the traditional exchange of printed documents into paperless transactions, configured to meet the requirements of every enterprise.

Application Programming Interface

The Symphony Business Integration API™ (Application Programming Interface) integrates business transactions across different platforms, applications and systems into real-time, shareable, user-friendly data.

Order Management

Symphony OMS™ streamlines the order fulfilment process across an omnichannel supply chain. It monitors all the incoming jobs and auto-generates billings after job completions and efficiently synchronises sub-contracting jobs with a follow-through invoicing.

Transportation Management

The Symphony TMS™ ensures seamless supply chain management throughout the planning, execution and measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in shipment and trailer operation.

Warehouse Management

Automate your inventory processes with real-time accuracy whenever, wherever your warehouse facility maybe. Symphony WMS™ streamlines everyday warehouse operations from ASN, receiving, put-away, replenishment, picking, and shipping with smart planning, decision automation, automated ABC categorisation, mobility, voice picking add-ons and many more.


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