Optimise the business with Symphony PDFExplorer™

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Digitise data with optical character recognition.

Automated Optical Character Recognition

Turn a low quality scanned document or PDF file into digitised machine readable document. It can scan a specific area of the image (length, height, width of element) instead of the entire image. With Google Vision, it is able understand, reference and recognise the image.

Volume Scanning Capability

Convert hundreds and thousands of images and forms per-day with near real-time results.

Intelligent and Scalable

The system’s intelligent engine is scalable, smart and optimises scanning and recognition processes. This powerful combination of OCR, Google Vision and Data Management achieves accurate data capture, report generation for comprehensive information management and informed decision-making.


The Symphony PDFExplorer™ works smartly.

Increase Productivity
Smart Solutions
Practicality and Cost Efficiency

The Symphony PDFExplorer™ is an integrated solution.

Warehouse Management

Automate your inventory processes with real-time accuracy whenever, wherever your warehouse facility maybe. Symphony WMS™ streamlines everyday warehouse operations from ASN, receiving, put-away, replenishment, picking, and shipping with smart planning, decision automation, automated ABC categorisation, mobility, voice picking add-ons and many more.

Transportation Management

The Symphony TMS™ ensures seamless supply chain management throughout the planning, execution and measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in shipment and trailer operation.

Freight Management

Symphony FMS™ helps shippers streamline supply chain operations and simplify the shipping process all nodes of air, land, and sea, for export and import operations.

Haulage Management

The Symphony Haulage Management System™ streamlines the end-to-end management of the movement of containers and ISO tank transport operations. It is also used to manage the systematic tracking and KPIs for short-haul container ISO tank trunking operations.

Service Monitoring Tool

Symphony Service Monitoring Tool™ continuously keeps track of the status of the systems in use across the organisation, monitoring the performance and status of your networks, databases, applications, security, website and internet usage, via a centralised system.

Application Programming Interface

The Symphony Business Integration API™ (Application Programming Interface) integrates business transactions across different platforms, applications and systems into real-time, shareable, user-friendly data.


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