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Optimise logistics with Symphony WMS

Symphony WMS is a Cloud based Warehouse Management System that automates your inventory management with real time accuracy whenever, wherever your warehouse facility may be. Symphony Warehouse Management System streamlines 3PLs and small business warehouse operations from ASN, receiving, put away, replenishment, picking, and shipping with smart planning, decision automation, automated ABC categorisation, barcode system, voice picking add-ons, and many more. Symphony WMS is the right logistics software for your warehouse business.

Designed to be scaled for optimization, Symphony WMS is a Cloud based WMS System that drives continuous improvement for your inventory management and provides configurable auto generated results for strategic planning and data driven decision making.

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Features That Make Symphony WMS A Must For Your Business

wms for chemical logistics
Symphony Cloud WMS for Chemical Logistics

The Symphony Cloud WMS solution provides Chemical 3PLs and brand owners a regulatory compliant, rules based warehouse automation to handle chemical logistics, including hazardous materials of all classes. Chemical warehouses will have control over the handling of raw materials, mixing of gases and chemicals, canting and decanting, adhering to the highest safety standards with Symphony Warehouse Management System.

Symphony Cloud WMS for Automotive

Automotive 3PLs and brand owners have complete control over their vehicle inspection, inbound receipt and storage, labour management, whole inventory operations, outbound allocation, pre-delivery inspection and other processes with Symphony Warehouse Management System. The Symphony Cloud WMS solution provides automotive businesses with real-time inventory reporting and analytics, as well as visibility throughout their entire network adhering to customs warehouse compliance and standards.

wms for retailers
Symphony Cloud WMS for Retail

Retailers today area at the tipping point of transformation. Symphony Cloud WMS retail solution provides retailers warehouse automation that supports eCommerce, omnichannel, franchise management, B2B outlet replenishment, including B2C last mile delivery. Symphony Warehouse Management System empowers retailers to manage campaigns to drive demand and analyse consumer purchase trends to optimise your product range and drive sales.

wms for pharmaceutical
Symphony Cloud WMS for Pharmaceutical

Hospitals and clinics have complete control over their supply chain, protecting and adhering to product integrity at the highest level with Symphony Cloud WMS. Safety, expiry and integrity of healthcare products are of paramount importance. Product tracking reporting and analytics gives you control and visibility throughout your supply chain, even to support product recalls. Pharmaceutical 3PL can manage every step of the process, from storing, picking to delivery with accuracy and integrity with Symphony Warehouse Management System.

Symphony Cloud WMS for Wholesale

The Symphony Cloud WMS solution provides wholesalers with real-time inventory reporting and analytics, as well as visibility throughout their entire network. Inventory operations that can be completely handled include receipt and put away, outbound allocation and store receiving, material handling, real-time reporting and analysis, and personnel management with Symphony Warehouse Management System.

wms for ecommerce
Symphony Cloud WMS for

Symphony Cloud WMS ties together your online fulfilment and sales systems with an e-Commerce gateway. Manage your inventory from beginning to end, including receipt and put away, outbound allocation, store receiving, retail compliance, last mile delivery and material handling. Symphony Warehouse Management System provides eCommerce solutions for you to drive campaigns to generate demand, analyse consumer purchase trends to optimise your product range and drive online sales.

wms for manufacturing
Symphony Cloud WMS for Manufacturing

Manufacturers have complete control over inbound receipt and put away, labour management, material handling, whole inventory operations, outbound allocation, store receiving, and other processes with Symphony Warehouse Management System.

Symphony Cloud WMS for 3PL (Third Party Logistics)

Symphony's dynamic Cloud WMS solution allows third-party logistics providers to deliver professional and technical services. Symphony Warehouse Management System is scalable, upgrade-independent, supports a large number of clients in various places, and can be swiftly adopted to accommodate a company's changing demands.

Symphony Cloud WMS for FMCG and CPG

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), also known as consumer packaged goods (CPG) face productivity and efficiency challenges such as expiry date validation, shelf life optimization, and value-added services (VAS). Read More

Symphony Cloud WMS for Apparel and Fashion

Symphony simplifies the apparel and fashion supply chain by providing complete visibility and traceability of size, color, and style, as well as unit of measurement. Retailers can improve the accuracy and efficiency of their receiving, picking, and packaging warehouse processes by automating them. Read More


Top Benefits Of Symphony WMS - See Why Symphony Is Preferred

Seamless Integration

Symphony Cloud WMS integrates with ERP, SCM, and Merchandising systems (MMS).​

Upgrade Independent​

Quarterly updates are included in the SaaS cost, which eliminates the need for infrastructure and makes it upgrade-agnostic.

Customer Centric Fulfilment​

Symphony Cloud WMS supports multi-channel demand and execution processes, to enable customers to buy or return things from anywhere.

Measures Performance​

Measures and records staff performance, warehouse tasks, and task completion times using verifiable goals and KPIs.​

Warehouse Intelligence​

Provides data and reports on warehouse operations, facilities, and the overall logistics network.​

Rapid Implementation ​

Robust logistic capabilities and efficient supply chain processes enable rapid implementation and seamless operations.

Global Inventory Visibility​

Supply chains can monitor inventory and operations real time, which aids in the analysis of customer behaviour.

Lower TCO

Symphony Cloud WMS reduces operational costs by minimizing costly maintenance, upgrades, and IT resource reallocation.

Sustainability and Operational Efficiency​

Global visibility and low total cost of ownership improves operational efficiency and sustainability.​


Symphony Cloud WMS delivers more scalability than on-premise WMS.​

Symphony WMS optimises your business

Increase Workforce Productivity

Minimise Losses

Strategic, Real-Time Data

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Symphony WMS is an integrated solution

Warehouse Management

Order Management

The Symphony Order Management System OMS streamlines the order fulfilment process across an omnichannel supply chain. It monitors all the incoming jobs and auto-generates billings after job completions and efficiently synchronises sub-contracting jobs with a follow-through invoicing.

Transportation Management

The Symphony Transport Management System TMS ensures seamless supply chain management throughout the planning, execution and measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in shipment and trailer operation.

Electronic Data Interchange

The Symphony Business Integration EDI is the implementation of the global standards in Electronic Data Interchange that has shifted the traditional exchange of printed documents into paperless transactions, configured to meet the requirements of every enterprise.

Application Programming Interface

The Symphony Business Integration API (Application Programming Interface) integrates business transactions across different platforms, applications and systems into real-time, shareable, user-friendly data wms for small business.

Barcode Scanning and RFID

Using radio frequency technology, automate the data capture of all incoming and outgoing warehouse processes seamlessly and prevent costly operational mistakes with the Symphony wms for small business RFID and RF Barcode Solutions.

Mobility Stock Count

Symphony Mobility Stock Count powers retail stores and satellite warehouses to track the inventory and auto-trigger replenishments in one mobile App.

Symphony Mobility ePOD

The Symphony Mobility ePOD provides resource assignment solution for your last mile delivery, closing the delivery order billing cycle for distributors and its eCommerce customers faster with the use of electronic proof of goods delivered. Symphony ePOD allows you to capture photos and tag it to respective delivery orders for real-time, transparency to build customer trust and satisfaction and it provide clients with multiple and secure payment modes, including Cash-On-Delivery (COD).

Warehouse Automation

Symphony Warehouse Automation automates your warehouse both digitally and physically. Implement Automated guided vehicles (AGVs), Collaborative robots or “cobots” Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) to eliminate labour-intensive tasks, allowing workers to focus on more value-added tasks with Symphony Warehouse Automation.

Symphony Online Store

Symphony Online Store is the answer for consumers and merchants to self manage orders easily and conveniently. Plans and drive promotion campaigns, analyze purchasing behaviors, multi payment functions, Symphony Online Store is designed for simplicity and flexibility, the platform empowers 3PLs to expand into last-mile services, filling the global last mile gap left by traditional last-mile operators.

Symphony Cloud Monitoring

Symphony Cloud Monitoring analyses the operational workflow of your cloud based IT system to optimize service availability. The availability and performance of applications, websites, servers, and other cloud infrastructure are optimised by cloud monitoring management methods with 24/7, real time KPI data, reports and notification.

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