SymphonyCaresSG - Nurturing Special Needs SAFE SPACE


Every moment here fosters a Symphony of support, love, and growth for special needs children and their caregivers. Join us in celebrating each child's unique abilities in a nurturing and enriching environment. Together, we create a community where harmony, growth, and well-being ensure a brighter future.

about us

SymphonyCaresSG is a ground-up CSR initiative that extends its caring embrace to both Special Needs Children and their dedicated caregivers. Join us in celebrating every child's unique abilities while offering support and resources to caregivers. Together, we create a harmonious community for a brighter future.


Join us in this Symphony of love, to create a safer, enriching space, and make a profound impact

First Sat or Sun of the month

10:00 am - 11:30 am (Sat)
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm (Sun)

3791 Jalan Bukit Merah, #07-26/27, E-Centre @ Redhill, Singapore 159471

Caregiver Support

  • caregiver support circles facilitated by experienced support group leaders who are also parents of special needs children.
  • Provide a space where caregivers can openly discuss their challenges, share strategies, offer mutual support and pastoral care.
  • Offer resources, workshops, and guest speakers who can provide insights and guidance on Autism care.

In partnership with our volunteers and professionals who work with children with Autism, we've curated an enriching journey that provides holistic support and enrichment to our children and their caregivers.

Social Play Sessions

  • Playdates in a Secure Environment where our children can be safe to play, Socialize, and Bond
  • Play Sessions are Guided and supported by experienced professionals and compassionate volunteers 

Integration and Socialization

  • Encourage children to interact with each other and other neuro typical children under supervision, fostering socialization and peer connections.
  • Arrange special events or outings to build a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences among families.
+65 9847 5531

Contributing to the creation of a safer, more enriching space for those who need it most.

Sponsors and Partners

Join us in this harmonious journey toward creating a safe space for special needs children and their caregivers. Your generosity can help us resonate with harmony, growth, and well-being within our community.

Empower Caregivers

Fund training for better care, improving lives of both caregivers and children.

Medical Insights

Support our medical sharing session for caregiver guidance.

+65 9847 5531

Partner with us
to build this Symphony of care

Art Healing

Help provide caregivers therapeutic art sessions for relaxation and self-care.

Community Strengthening

 Sponsorship expands our reach, enhances programs, and builds a stronger support network.

3791 Jalan Bukit Merah, #07-26/27, E-Centre @ Redhill, Singapore 159471

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