Reliability and Service Availability in your Cloud WMS


The global supply chain never sleeps, and your logistics operations runs 24/7. Therefore, partnering with a reliable Cloud Warehouse Management System is critical for your business.
When you are engaging a Cloud Computing provider or subscribing to a SaaS, you need your cloud service to be reliable and available to maintain effective company operations and minimize delays in the event of IT service breakdowns to keep your logistics operations running.

What is Cloud Computing Reliability?

The reliability of a cloud computing solution is a measure of how well it delivers the services for which it was created. This metric shows that the cloud service is up and running and working as intended.

Reliability management involves the precautions made by the cloud provider to prevent cloud server downtime, software failure, security breaches, human errors, and other unplanned scenarios are referred to as reliability management.

The objective in managing cloud computing reliability is to achieve:

  • Operational application and cloud service
  • Connectivity and serviceability at any time and from any location by using any device
  • No outages or disruptions
  • Internet connection is safe
  • Users will be able to perform the transactions required for their work on the cloud

What is Service Availability in Cloud Computing?

Service availability is the measure of the cloud computing service being available and accessible to the customers during the time you promised to keep the service available.

Service availability is a maintenance metric used to measure the amount of time that a system can be used for production and is normally calculated based on the following formula as a percentage:

Service Availability = Uptime / (Uptime + Unplanned Downtime) * 100


When it comes to conducting a 24/7 business-critical supply chain and logistics operations, you need your cloud computing service to be always keep accessibility and dependability at the highest levels to maintain successful company operations. A robust cloud WMS will enable you to run your operations reliably, monitor and report the statistics of your cloud service availability.

Thanks to our latest product addition of Symphony Service Availability, which is available to our Symphony Cloud customers, our clients will have complete transparency of live system uptime vs the defined agreed contractual service level uptime, search for event details, acquire incident reports, and view uptime dashboards over time at your fingertips.

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