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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain is a key element that shapes the future of business and digital transformation is powering its transition into a future-ready industry. Artificial intelligence, data standardisation and predictive modelling, blockchain are leading its industry technology evolution. Its capabilities are being innovated to support more efficient and effective business and approaches to cut costs, but also optimise revenue opportunities.

There are many barriers in evolving today’s
supply chain.

Increased Costs Throughout the Supply Chain

The costs of daily operational expenses are almost always increasing. If not properly accounted for or kept to a minimum, profit margins will be challenged and placed under pressure.

Complexity Due to Multiple Channels to Market

Due to the ever-changing market demands and currency fluctuations, logistics professionals should be flexible in their choice of channels. The key is to meet customer expectations in whatever way possible without sacrificing profitability and product safety.

Pressure to Meet Consumer Demands

Every industry is subjected to constant disruption due to the many choices available to today’s consumers. Speed, competitive pricing, product safety, eco-friendliness are some of the KPIs demanded by clients.

Managing Supply Chain Risk

The complexity of managing a business with warehouses, clients, suppliers, and other third-party service providers across territories, time zones, government regulations and weather conditions cannot be overemphasised. The risks and issues arising from this should always be calculated and systematically managed.

Seamless integration is the most practical solution.

Customising an internal supply chain network that integrates processes, facilitates interdepartmental collaboration and enables data sharing is the new standard for supply chain management. With the Symphony Logistics SuiteTM, every hub in the supply chain from production, warehousing to freight works together under one system. This equips enterprises with the necessary insights to make more informed decisions and set new KPIs for better-performing supply chain activities.

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The Symphony Logistics Suite™ accumulates and relays real-time data generated from all the operations throughout the supply chain. Stay updated of the dates and times of the next cargo load, the location of a truck in the fleet at a distant warehouse, or even the exact whereabouts of the on-ground team. Essential data is accessible 24/7.

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The Symphony Logistics SuiteTM address every part of supply chain and more. It's not just OMSTM, WMSTM and TMSTM. There is a comprehensive ecosystem that powers a global supply chain and dedicated systems and modules that are available and fully interfaced to digitise processes, generate data and solve problems.

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The Symphony Logistics SuiteTM is fully integrated with decision automation in almost all its processes. From receiving to put-away and picking, to transport planning and order management, a decision point may be automated or can provide suggested locations, next step or even provide information that promotes continuous improvement and cost reduction.

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