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With the growth of eCommerce and increase in worldwide demographics, almost 85 million packages are delivered daily all over the world. The transition of the logistics industry towards digitalisation and use of artificial intelligence is now on the rise. There is a constant demand for seamless, automated shipping process on air, land and sea.

Transportation management is not just tracking shipment. It includes all your processes and documentation before, during and after each and every delivery.

Omni/Multi-modal Optimisation

Planning for both consolidation and deconsolidation of freight for various modes of transfer across multiple carriers can be a complicated process. Manually executing this task makes it more time-consuming, error-prone and costly.

Capacity and Scalability

Failure to meet the needed operations capacity can create bottlenecks in inbound and outbound freight. Limited scalability can also create setbacks and significantly slow down processes.

Carrier Billing

Lack of accuracy in recording freight spend, receivables and patterns results to poor financial management. Problems in accounting, auditing and documentation take overbilling and issues chargebacks for granted, resulting to losses and poor customer satisfaction.

Collaboration with Shipping Partners

Inability to immediately access and pass data to partner carriers electronically increases inefficiency and errors in shipment planning. Delays in providing customers with shipping options and rates can result to a decline in sales and loss of clients.

Deliver productivity and profitability with real-time transportation logistics management.

Seamless product and order identification from the warehouse, truck and to the customer door is essential. The deployment of Symphony Multi-Modal SolutionsTM like the RFID and barcoding features reduces human errors and hard costs. This supports in managing transport hubs to execute Xdock, LTL/LCL, decoupling (head and tails operations) and many other transport solutions. Cost reduction can be achieved faster with the Symphony TMSTM capability to do LTL/LCL consol/deconsol in transit.

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Tracking fleet movement has never been this easy with the web-based Symphony TMSTM. Track and trace the status of any land, sea or air-borne vehicle in real-time, whenever, wherever. With automatic routing and assistance in the loading and movement of goods, never worry about errors in delivery again.

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Symphony can accurately provide the data on warehouse, cargo, vehicles, deliveries or even workers, at the exact time it is needed. This helps to systematically consolidate orders and optimise transportation activities for more productive and rewarding logistics operations.

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Having real-time status updates and alerts that goods are received in quality conditions is a service that the Symphony Logistics SuiteTM guarantees clients. This is extended to their clients too. There is no better way to sustain and grow the business than exceeding customer expectations consistently.

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With Symphony TMSTM, seamlessly integrates everything to ensure that transportation operations are running smoothly. Adapt and implement an end-to-end system from order planning, resource planning, order execution, collection and payment monitoring, last-mile delivery solutions, vehicle management scaled for every business need.

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Freight Management

Symphony Freight Management System™ helps shippers streamline supply chain operations and simplify the shipping process all nodes of air, land, and sea, for export and import operations.

Vehicle Workshop Management

The Symphony Vehicle Management System™ enables fleet operators to monitor, report, document and automate vehicle transactions.

Container Yard Management

Manage your entire container and port terminal operations on cloud. The Symphony Container Yard Management System™ seamlessly integrates gate management, inventory management, container survey and repair activities under one system.

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