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Evolving customer behaviour is disrupting the supply chain industry. The pressure to increase efficiency and profitability in workplaces and distribution centres is real. Supply chain managers need to innovate and digitise to achieve an intelligent, seamless, integrated systems management, all with the least expense and while caring for the environment. It is in the warehouse where it all happens.

At the heart of inventory management is accuracy of data and movement of goods.


Receiving goods to delivering it, space design, advanced information, visibility, analytics and close control and monitoring are imperative in determining the successful operations of any warehouse.

Inventory Accuracy and Visibility

Manual tasks in inventory management often results to inaccurate data gathering. The lack or insufficiency of an inventory management system can lead to repeated errors in inventory count. The reporting system must provide data visibility and accuracy for quick decision making and course correction.

Space Optimisation

As products move, inventory fluctuations happen and space availability becomes critical. Failure to maximise inventory space significantly affects daily inventory flow, cause supply/delivery issues and delay order fulfilment.

Picking Optimisation

Speed is essential in fulfilling orders and picking inventory. When people do these activities manually on a rush, mistakes in inventory accuracy, receiving and put-aways happen. These errors are further magnified when inventory operations use and rely on a paper-based system. Accountability and efficiency are then compromised.

The right warehouse management system enables warehouse operations to always function at optimum levels.

Symphony WMSTM allows the integration of all your warehouse operations, creating a seamless environment from the time an order is placed until the customer receives the item. This system allows the creation of an internal network that delivers accuracy and efficiency. With Add-on Modules including Symphony BillingTM, Symphony ASRSTM and Symphony RFIDTM, the hassles associated with manual data input are eliminated.

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Symphony gives you the right data you need when you need it. The Symphony WMSTM accurately captures real-time data on receiving, put-away, transfer and picking to help improve response time, support planning and strategic decision-making on inventory changes and processes in your warehouse.

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Human and machine-readable identification (barcoding and RFID) and confirmation processes are the keys to speed up and meet time-sensitive orders. The Symphony Multi-Modal SolutionsTM range from RFID, barcode system, Voice Picking, Smart Glass and Measurement Technology that allows for accurate, faster execution of warehouse activities.

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The Symphony WMSTM can automate decision making from ASN (Advanced Shipment Notices) to receiving, system-directed put-aways, picking, replenishment and shipping. The system does the thinking, analysis and recommends the plan of action for operator to reduce and eliminate human errors.

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Warehouse Management

Automate your inventory processes with real-time accuracy whenever, wherever your warehouse facility maybe.

Order Management

Symphony Order Management System™ streamlines the order fulfilment process across an omnichannel supply chain.

Distribution Management

The Symphony Distribution Management System™ controls the down-stream supply chain for distributors and tracks the planning, execution and reporting for promotions.

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