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The world is on the brink of the 4th industrial revolution and the manufacturing industry is transforming with the increased adaptation of Artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), Machine learning (ML), automated tools and digital technology. Inventory control remains just as crucial as fulfilment speed, cost control, error and wastage minimisation and dynamic customer service.

There are barriers to industry’s
digital transformation.

Raw Material and Finished Goods Visibility &
Inventory Accuracy

Manual processes and documentation are slow and tedious creating havoc in the PPIC. Visibility and operations transparency in real-time is required to fast track manufacturing operations.

Space Optimisation

As products move, inventory fluctuations happen and space availability becomes critical. Failure to maximise inventory space significantly affects daily inventory flow, cause supply and delivery issues, and delay order fulfilment.

Machine Intelligence

IOT is penetrating the manufacturing industry to improve productivity and predictive maintenance. However, there is a gap in the people’s data mining capacities that will enable companies to access, analyse and leverage on insights to be in a position to make better and real-time decisions.

Project Management

Measures and tools are needed to ensure that manufacturing meets the demand to delivery products within cost, on time at an expectedly good quality. The need for rigidity and tight control measures is required to update manufacturing scope and technology adjustments.

Shift operations management with a scalable
integrated cloud solution.

When every inventory component accounted for – from the BOM to raw material right up to your finished goods – is seamlessly integrated, never misplace or pick products wrongly again. With the Symphony Multi-Modal SolutionsTM like Smart GlassTM, error-proof manufacturing inventory, reduce costly picking, packing mistakes, and increase efficiency onsite.

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The Symphony Logistics SuiteTM automatically captures data across manufacturing operations and identify possible inefficiencies and areas for improvement. It delivers better products faster, reduces wastage, controls costs, and improves customer service.

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Meeting global product demands in the manufacturing industry may also run 24/7. Monitor and optimise human resources. Automate the attendance tracking of employees with intuitive and easy-to-use log-ins and photo documentation for easy, project-specific and automatic payroll preparation.

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Being able to “see“ what is in inventory makes it easy to do production planning and inventory control. Barcoding and RFID are built-in solutions in the Symphony Multi-Modal SolutionsTM. It allows human and machine-readable identity tags and location identification to ensure inventory records accuracy, reducing cost of inventory and maintenance of the right amount of stocks.

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Recommended Symphony Products

Project Management

Achieve project goals by mobilising teams and tracking progress in one integrated system. The Symphony Project Management System™ consolidates tenders, work and change orders, calendars and updates accurately.

Symphony Mobility™

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Order Management

Symphony Order Management System™ streamlines the order fulfilment process across an omnichannel supply chain.

Symphony optimises logistics for more than 1 million users everyday.

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