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Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale Distribution

Poorly handled supply chain disruptions can ultimately lead to trouble for an otherwise well-prepared business. Small-to-mid-sized businesses are particularly vulnerable to the impact of the unpredictable. Through cloud-based networks, buyers and suppliers are directly connected, allowing for extraordinary visibility into their respective supply chains. This empowers industry players to assert accountability over sourcing decisions and establish a mutually beneficial relationship, for both clients and suppliers.

Scoring profitability consistently is priority. Enterprises must focus on cost controls.

D2C/Distributor to Consumer Business Model

The rising trend of consolidation among manufacturers and retailers in the market threatens the buying power of wholesalers. The growth of eCommerce is shifting the purchasing power to end-consumers. Directly purchasing from manufacturers cuts away the margins for wholesalers.

Shorter, Tougher Business Cycles

Natural disasters, political unrest, unprecedented weather conditions impact the demand for goods, financing and exchange rates. Wholesale distributors should have a strong bandwidth to take on the impact of these changes in the business.

Rising Shipping Costs & Last Mile Deliveries

A company’s supply chain cost, particularly shipping, can determine over-all profitability. If distributors cannot pass such costs to suppliers and the demand for quick last mile deliveries thrive, profitability can be severely affected.

Rise of Dropshipping

Wholesalers are receiving a growing demand to serve smaller businesses that order in smaller quantities. This adds on to the resources needed to manage low volume orders and incremental delivery fees, that may extend to end-consumers.

Buy profitability with the right logistics solutions system.

Trade with suppliers and close sales in one platform, the Symphony Logistics SuiteTM. Run wholesale operations on the cloud to capture, store and generate data, optimising operations and set new KPIs for warehouses, cargoes, trucks, deliveries and manpower.

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Get real-time updates on product collection and delivery, create customised promotions for distributors within the network and automate billing and invoicing processes. With Symphony MobilityTM, whole-salers can speed up the invoicing processes, run bespoke, automated promotions to drive sales and allow for multiple payment options to complete the sales process faster.

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In using the Symphony Logistics SuiteTM, lower costs with reduced standby time by carefully planning the shipping and delivery routes of wholesale goods. Value-added features also enables enterprises to ensure the optimal storage, inspection, cleaning, repairs, product heating and maintenance services of containers used.

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Warehouse floor planning and operations solutions are at the everyday core of Symphony WMSTM. Picking solutions: discrete picking, wave or batch picking and a multitude of other warehouse floor solutions speed up the processes increases productivity and reduce costs.

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Automate your inventory processes with real-time accuracy whenever, wherever your warehouse facility maybe.

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Symphony Freight Management System™ helps shippers streamline supply chain operations and simplify the shipping process all nodes of air, land, and sea, for export and import operations.

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The Symphony Vehicle Management System™ enables fleet operators to monitor, report, document and automate vehicle transactions.

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